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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter and baby shower

Easter and the baby shower went well. I got 4 bouncers which was kinda funny but I got all but one returned and now can buy what I need (storage for baby!). My little one had a good time Easter egg hunting, no pic though.

I am officially not going to have any more knitting classes until post birth so I am selling the washcloths on Etsy when I can get photos taken. I picked them up yesterday and found out that someone stole one of them. I am taking it a a complement that they liked it.

Aunt Kathy: LOL! The really funny part was that I have it on my registry but no one took it off. In fact it was still there when i took it off my registry about 5 minutes ago.

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Aunt Kathy said...

4 bouncers, lol... of course at first I pictured big men at a club (bouncers) then I hit my head, dummy... it was a baby shower, LOL. I love to give baby gifts but I hate giving a duplicate. Glad you were able to return them for other necessities.

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