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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Get yarn for free! Just post what she wants.

Knitting and Sewing and all forms of procrastination....

Ends: Dec. 7th 2007

Kool-aid dyeing part 1

Today I tied up the Knitpicks I am going to Kool-aid dye some time next week.

It is about 3.5 yards around so we are looking at some longer repeats. I am sooo excited! I don't want to wait. I was really contemplating just making a huge knot (with help from my 2 year old daughter) and then dying that and seeing what I get.

Here are the "Kool-Aids" I have. As you can tell some are off brands but off brands work just was well so it really doesn't matter. I don't know yet what colors I want to go with. As you can tell I have and opened Kool-aid fruit punch that needs to be used, but I really don't know if I want red. Maybe a violet-blue-green would be better. I could use the red with the berry blue and add the mango and lemonade.... too many possibilities!

And the method! Which method to use!? Give me a week and I'll get the full details up!

Edit: Link to part 2

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


These are links to contest that I have entered today:

Grammieknits: she wants you to post something weird about yourself.

Ends: Dec. 1, 2007

HissyKnit: She wants you to post on her blog why you knit.

Ends: Dec. 10, 2007

"My first knit" dishcloth/washcloth

Since I am teaching a class at A. C. Moore and I wanted a REALLY easy and fast knit for the class, I decided to write my own.

I used Sugar n' Cream yarn because I like the feeling of it though Red Heart works better for dish cloths and size 7 (US) needles.

Cast on 24 stitches. Knit until you get the desired length (to get a square you fold the cast on to the knitted edge). Bind off.

Gauge is unimportant.

copyright info at bottom of page.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have a computer!

I haven't had a computer for about a week so I haven't been updating. But now that the computer situation is better I have pictures, and they are yarny photos at that!

As promised in this post, I am showing photos! This first photo is of yarn gifted to me through a Ravelry member. It is very nice Rowan All Seasons Cotton and is soooooo lovely! I have no clue what to do with it due to seeing so many possibilities!

This on the other hand I know what to do with! I am so going to Kool-Aid dye this Dec (too much to do with Thanksgiving). I can not wait! Lots of photos to come!

I am getting ideas for this but am not going to spill the beans. It is very pretty and nice. I lover it!

These last three came in the mail yesterday from a friend on Ravelry.
This is Reynolds Saucy, which is some very nice feeling cotton. I am really liking the color and feel, though have not a clue what to make with it. I got 2.25 skeins of it so something smallish?

This is Swedish yarn that has Saint-Tropez really big on the label. I have no clue what is in it because the label is *surprise surprise* in Swedish! I have something like 6 or 9 balls of it (3 are still in skeins the rest are balled so who knows) so I might be able to make a top? I will think on this....

This is Baby Bee Sweet Delight. I have no clue at this time what to do with it. It is really soft though and I am with child so something baby for the baby?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Personal knitting news.

Well, since MY computer is out (I am on hubbies) I can't post pics for now. I am disappointed but not much can be done for now.

I am designing some baby knits for a yarn designer (Unique Sheep) and am hoping to make some money off of pattern sales on her site or sell the patterns to Knitty. If Knitty doesn't want them then I will most likely sell on her site until Ravelry starts hosting patterns for sale (it is on the "to do" list).

A.C. Moore is doing ok so far. I am going to visit today and get all the paperwork signed up. I have an example all finished of the project (no pic! Grrrrr!). Should be good though.

Mystery yarn contest!

So read the post and enter.

Lotus Knits Contest

Ends: Nov. 15th

Mystery contest!

It is Nov. 10th post so check it out if you can.

Knitting Underway Contest

Ends: Nov. 15th

Contest of cards!

Enteried are based on posting and you get an extra one if you blog about it.

Bark n' Knit Contest

Ends: Nov. 25th

Yarn contest!

Free yarn! Who would want to miss out?

Prefect Day Yarns Contest

Ends: Nov, 18th

Monday, November 12, 2007


Another contest! Very fun earrings in it. Just take a look!

Saving Nine Contest

Mention "MamaMay" if you enter.. Please?

Edit: ends Nov. 23rd

I am teaching a knitting class!

Went to A.C. Moore today and signed up to teach knitting classes in January! We are going to make dish cloths. I am so excited.

On another note my computer died and well, I can't download the photos of the lovely lovely yarn to this blog. Sad, I know. I hope to get it back some time soon because I don't want to do Kool-aid dyeing until I a way to show everyone. Only wish I knew if anyone was actaully reading my blog... oh well, someday!

Friday, November 9, 2007


I like to post links to all contests I find (regardless of if I enter or not) because I am nice like that. So here we go:

Shut up I'm counting Contest

Crafting Jen Contest

Good luck to all!

Happy Yarny Day!

I got a gift in the mail yesterday from a friend on Ravelry. It was three skeins of lovely lovely lovely Rowan All Seasons Cotton in a mustardy yellow color and a woodsy smell. I have no clue what to do with it but am happy to just pet it for now. I will post pictures when I find batteries for my camera.

Today I also got Licorice by Jo-ann's and Knitpicks in the mail from a contest I won on this site! I am soooo happy. I do know what to do with the Knitpicks. Kool-aid dyeing!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Knitting group success?

Last night I went to my first knitting group meeting here in Fort Myers. It was in Barnes and Nobel and I am happy to say that I escaped the store with out a single new book. Sadly, It seems that no one showed up other than the group founder. She said that 4 people were supposed to be there but no one showed. In fact the person that invited me didn't even make it! Very sad. It is supposed to be a monthly thing so I will attend next month and see how it goes. If it just the two of us 2 months in a row it might not be worth it.

Monday, November 5, 2007

While at the beach last weekend....

I found some fun shops, two to be exact. Since I just moved to this town about 3 months ago this was a happy surprise.

The first store is named Geez Leweez and, though, having a decent selection of yarn, doesn't have the quantities necessary for a sweater or any other medium to large item, though from what I was told by the owner is that she was waiting on several orders. They do have a lot of needle point though, so if that you do needle point, do check it out.

The second store was called Three Crafty Ladies (no webpage but is right down the street from the other store). They appear to be clearancing all the yarn they did carry. They are now down to about a half hamper full of eyelash like yarns with a few balls of ribbon yarn. They do have a bunch of scrap booking stuff as well as beading, and quilting. I was completely ignored by the employee but I have a feeling that was because I came in looking for yarn and not something they really carried.

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