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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kool-aid dyeing part 2

So I said I would wait til Monday... I couldn't... so I did it tonight!

For the record the colors used were:
1 Wyler's Lemonade (yellow),
1 Mixade Lemon-Lime (green),
1 Kool-aid Twists Berry Blue (blue),
1 Mixade Grape (purple),
and half a package of Kool-aid Fruit Punch (red)

I started by soaking the yarn for 20 minutes then draining all the water that would pour out with out pushing on the yarn.

I made an X of the Berry Blue first, then filled each quadrant with either the grape of the lemon lime. I put the fruit punch on the grape in one big clump and the lemonade on the lemon line on one big clump.

I did the double boiler method and it took 30 minutes (I actually didn't check for 30 minutes and by then it was done). If you do this method it goes faster with a lid... I did use a cooking thermometer (100 F) to see what temp the yarn got to but the picture didn't turn out...

The reason I like the double boiler method is because you can get AWESOME colors and you can basically forget about it for periods of time because the yarn pot will never boil. In the boiling method, you can walk away but might just get a felted mess and I have never been able to get the microwave method to work. Another method I like is the steam method but that is basically what I did just not in a bag.

See the water is all clear!


Ok, I can live with it but I wish that it was more violet/purple than red. Oh well, It will still look good!

See the yarn Here


Ruth said...

I like. Isn't it fun dyeing? I could do it every day.

MamaMay said...

Yes, I could most defiantly dye yarn every day. Of course, if I did that it would be a problem....

Anni said...

Wow, that looks cool. Dyeing is very addictive you know. lol.

MamaMay said...

Yes, I do know!

anne said...

I found your blog searching to see how the Mixade colors dyed up! Have you knit this yarn yet? I'd love to see a swatch of it! (I'm AnnieBoo on Ravelry if have it in your stash...let me know)

I'm going to try tonight....

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