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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The naming....

So after much thought on the name this yarn should have I went to the thesausus and started to look up synonyms for the words I though described it.

I ended up liking Ardor, so Ardor it is.


Lystessa said...

Oh that is so pretty! Much nicer than anything I ever managed to dye with Kool-aid. :^)

Ruth said...

I use acid Jacquard acid dyes. I started with Kool
Aid and Wilton's and I have a great deal of respect
for what you can do with them. I went to Jacquard
because I wanted to get some really dark colors.
People will say that Wilton's doesn't hold up. Yes it
does. It's easy, safe with kids, but does do some
weird things. So you learn to work with it.

Most of the time, I hand dip my yarn into a cool dye
solution. When I'm done, I wrap in Glad Wrap and nuke
for about 9 minutes: 3 min on, 3 off, etc. Rinse in
a teeny bit of Synthrapol, and dry.

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