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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FREE things on the net that I like!

Ok. so I thought I would share some really great free (and almost free) deals on the internet that I visit almost daily.

Free silver jewelry: Ok, so you have to pay shipping ($5.99 USD) but really, who can resist! This is GREAT for a gift for mothers day or some other holiday! Warning: VERY ADDICTIVE!

Free samples from Wal*mart: I get these all the time. Toothpaste, shampoo, diapers, foods. They have it all and free, but it is all limited in supply so it changes often (like in daily!)

My points: Ok, so you sign up to basically be spammed in your email box but for every spam they send that you click through you get points (5 points usually but sometimes 25 or 50). Then you can "turn in" your points for gift cards (I got a 25 dollar gift card for Red Lobster so far so I know it works). you can also get more points faster if you buy stuff (right now it is 10 points per dollar with Target so if you need to buy from Target anyway... why not?) via their site or use their search bar. You also get points for referring people so if anyone wants to be nice and give me points for posting about it, please comment and let me have your email...

That is all for now, but If i can think of more I will post again.

shopinchic: Thanks for the freebie! I am now addicted!

Heart of Wisdom: Thank for the link to your site.


shopinchic said...

I love freebies and fortunatly the web is filled with free things if you look enough. One of my favorites is ClubLive,where you can get points from playing games and you can get actual free things when you have enough points. Its from MSN LiveSearch and they have lots of puzzle games.

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for the links.

All patterns, free or otherwise are licensed. This means you can not SELL the patterns nor copy and paste them for free on your blog or even give them out for free, but you can direct people to this site to get them for themselves. You ARE allowed to sell/gift/burn what you make with my patterns so long as you don't call yourself the designer, just the maker of said object. If you do sell said object, please link back to my blog.

All photos are licensed and can only be used if they link back to this site. All other content is licensed and MUST have my permission or the license holders permission to use them on another site. Stealing content is not acceptable and in violation of the law.