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Friday, April 11, 2008

Little Bug Boutique

Little Bugs Boutiques is actually this mother's second shop, her first being opened in 2004. She didn't open shop on Etsy until December 2007. It took her a week to get her first sale on Etsy.

Charlene has always been creating and artistic. She got her degree in Interior Design and started working in an Architectural firm. She loved her job but then some things in her life changed.

In 2001, after the birth of her first child, she was searching for something that would allow her to spend more time at home, but still allow her to get out some creative energy. She tried and disliked scrap booking. One day she woke up and it dawned on her that she should make and sell jewelry and has had a passion for it ever since. In 2005, she started to focus on the jewelry business full time. She still does some Architectural work now and then, but children & jewelry are her primary passions and keep her quite busy.

The hardest thing for Charlene about selling online is that you can't actually see and hold the item. She states, "You have to sell the picture." This means practicing and experimentation. Try every angle, light, and prop you have.

She also things the BEST way to get ones name out is by word of mouth. "Good quality and service are essential," emphasizes Charlene. Have your items shipped promptly and packaged well.

Visit her blog, website or her supply shop on Etsy.


Aunt Kathy said...

I agree, that's my biggest set back, I need a good camera to get some well presented photos, her stuff looks wonderful, beautiful

Anonymous said...
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