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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well, that isn't fun...

Well, the little lady has an ear infection (what 2 year old doesn't get these?). So we have been having fun nights. Since hubby is a doc we are waiting the 2 weeks to see if she gets over it herself. We have also been popping her ears for her (A doctor trick, makes them SCREAM BLOODY MURDER when you do it, but completely drains the ears for 5 or 6 hours... making it so she can sleep).

Anyway, I have decided, 100% to let my esty shop die out. This blog will then just revert back to my mommy blog that tries to find time for knitting. I am actually excited to have the yarns expire. I really want to get my needles into them. (If you by chance like ANY of the yarns I have for sale and are hoping for a deal after expiration, tough! I didn't buy one sweater that I personally didn't want the yarn from, just in case I got stuck with it!) The washcloths will be sold, but I will most likely make it into one big ole set and sell for cheaper. I might go into soap making (I can make soaps out of the home a lot easier than trying to go to Goodwill and find sweaters to recycle with 2 little munchkins underfoot!). I don't know, we will see and do more research. (I have been making handmake soaps as gifts for a while... so soap making isn't a huge jump, just need to keep better records of what materials I use.)

I do intend to still advertise and promote Etsians (they are a nice group and usually on top of things).

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