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Friday, June 27, 2008

What, it's FRIDAY!?!

Tomorrow We will have been in our new apartment for 7 days. We still have boxes EVERYWHERE and haven't even full packed the other apatment to move it over here. So horrible of me!

I really like the new place but it does have it's... lets call them highlights, just to be nice.

On the first night, there was a shooting in front of the building we live in. Seven shots fired and no one was hit that we know of (at least no blood). I didn't even know that someone was shooting, I though someone was just knocking on someone else's door very enthusiastically.

The next day we found out our washer didn't work (Well it worked but it didn't shut off the water so it overflowed...). Maintenance came and fixed that problem as well as the leaky basin. We also met a few neighbors and was asked if I smoke pot... I turned them down.

Day three was uneventful, but I was mostly at the old place packing.

Day four I just unpacked stuff.

Day five the washer broke again and they decided to just replace it. (the maintenance workers are super nice!)

Today I discovered that the bathtub in the back bathroom doesn't work (no hot water...). I am NOT calling it in until we are more settled though.

1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

Ahh the joy of a new apartment. I hope bathtub is the last of the broken issues.

GUN shots, oh my. Is anywhere safe anymore?

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