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Monday, January 14, 2008

A business plan?

For those of you that don't know this, I am kinda trying to make a business of my knitting. I mean at least tax wise I am. So because of this I am trying to write a business plan even though I am not taking out loans or anything. Now you may be wondering why I NEED a business plan considering I am not looking for investors (I know my hubby is) and the reason is I need it to keep focused on WHAT I am trying to do in the business. I know myself too well and know I will diversify to the point of uselessness if I don't have one somewhere. Basically I am trying to make knitting and crochet patterns to eventually sell either independently or sell to knitting mags and I am teaching knitting and crochet. My dream is to make 200 dollars a month right now, though really think I can make 50 a month for the first year/year and a half.

In other news, our little one is all better now. She wouldn't eat for the whole week she was sick (not from lack of me and daddy trying though), and it was an absolute battle to get her to drink anything. She is kinda lethargic now and has a MASSIVE appetite though I am not letting her eat too much at once due to her having basically fasted for a week (don't want her to throw it up from eating too fast or we might get her fasting again!). It is amazing to me because her legs used to be... not big but normal toddler size, and now they are SOOO thin.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I am like you, I'd like to make a business out of my knitting and crocheting too. I will be interested to see how your business plan works out.

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