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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kettle/Crockpot dyeing with Kool-aid

I started knitting a Quant today, mostly because I avoiding the sizing up and sizing down of a pattern I am making. Why avoid it? Because my temp is 101 to 102 right now with out meds and the meds I can take are putting me in a fog. (I think I have the flu that my daughter had about 2 weeks ago, which makes sense because it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the flu virus to gestate.) Anyway it is a no-go for pattern math because I am SURE I will make a mistake.

Ok so I am FINALLY getting this thing up! I have had the pictures up on Flickr for about a week but have been way too busy.

This is the yarn soaking in the crock-pot. I let it soak for about an half an hour.

These are the "kool-aids" I am using. For the record the exact colors I am using are Kool-aid Berry Blue and Wyler's Orange. Two packets of each. I pre-mixed this time in 1/2 cup of water.

Before adding the colors I moved the yarn to make a spiral from the bottom up. I added the colors with a turkey baster, making sure that the colors got to the bottom. I then turned it on low and left it alone for about an hour. The dye bath was not fully exhausted at that time so I stirred it around gently and it immediately exhausted.

The yarn is drying in this picture.

And here is is all reskeined. I still need to find a name for it... Can't think of anything.


Katie O said...

Reminds me of sea glass that you buy at a gift shop on a boardwalk near the beach. Like pieces of jewelry you buy... the blues and greens with slight shades of orange... I like it! Nice job!

Mosaica said...

Love this yarn you've created --I also immediately thought of the oceanside: dark steely-green ocean and those beautiful bladder-seaweeds. Anyhow, gorgeous :-)

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow that color is gorgeous... I love it.

By the way you won the final week of my blog contest, congratulations. I need you to email me so I can tell you how to get your free pattern.

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