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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A vacation and knitting

Hubby, daughter and I got a mini vacation this Sunday/Monday to Orlando. I got to knit the whole way which was nice of hubby for not making me drive. I got through with almost 1/3 of the knitting and writing of the pattern for one of my designs. I feel great for it.

I keep trying to make it to a knitting group meeting but so far no-go.

I did go to A.C. Moores charity knitting/crochet thing last Saturday, which was really nice. There were several people there for a while.

I have a list of things to do on this blog and I am going to list them here so I actually feel guilty enough to do them.

The List for my Blog:

Post photos of and the free pattern for my crochet dish cloths/wash cloths
Post about the yarns I have kool-aid dyed
Post tutorial for one of the kool-aid dyes

Now I also have a list business wise:

Finish all 3 patterns and the patterns for them.
Get one of those patterns emailed to Knitty (summer) and the another to MagKnits(any old time!)
Actually find a book that tells me how to WRITE a business plan and do it! (this is more of a priority but I have a strange feeling that it will be something that doesn't happen for a year!)
Figure out how to make a PDF so I can sell them via Ravelry (I don't intend to use Esty for pattern sales... ever)
Research advertisement stuff via the internet (choices I like so far are Ravelry ads and hopefully getting something printed on a big online knitting mag)

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Aunt Kathy said...

Now that's a busy list.

I didn't know you could sell patterns directly from Ravelry... Now I need to make a list.

I have never been to Orlando. I'm a little jealous.

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